Joseph Rennison

The best thing about LSE is that it is in London. London is superb. It is unlike any other university experience that I have heard of. You live in the city, not on campus. You are very much involved in the hustle and bustle instead of being trapped inside a student bubble. It's an invigorating environment to study in which will undoubtedly cater to your every desire. In addition, the SU is more established and better run than many of its counterparts and this goes a long way to making your life outside the classroom that bit more enjoyable.

The degree structure at LSE allows philosophy students the opportunity to explore topics in many diverse areas. With leaders in every field of the social sciences I have found it particularly rewarding to be able to go outside the department and study some anthropology, mathematics and economics. I feel this has benefitted my understanding of philosophy by broadening my knowledge base and is something that I believe other universities do not offer in such abundance.

LSE makes its students do things for themselves. This university rewards those who are willing to go out and find what they are looking for. The brilliant minds that occupy this institution are not offered to you on a plate. You have to go and seek people out to answer your questions and help you with your study. If you want close one-on-one teaching then do not come to LSE, but if you want an environment capable of challenging your ideals, that makes you work for yourself and has world class academics who lead their field, then it is you who should study at LSE.

Please see Philosophy, logic and scientific method



A photo of Joseph Rennison, an LSE student