Grace Lim

At LSE we are exposed to a very high standard of economic analysis and a very broad range of subjects. The course has more than adequate and balanced emphasis on economic theory, econometrics, and analysis. The lecturers are excellent, and the class teachers are dedicated to their teaching. Many of the LSE faculty are deeply involved in policy advising in the government, business and finance areas. This means that what we learn at LSE is not divorced from the real world situation and we can see the practical use of economics.

I chose a programme at LSE because I wanted to complete my education in a renowned institution which is also the best place to study economics in the world. LSE is also at the centre of London, which is an incredibly diverse and exciting place to live. I like the fact that I am surrounded by some of the best and brightest students in the country, all of whom are passionate about their subjects, and also about the wider issues of today's world. The research facilities are excellent, including the huge range of resources and help we get at the LSE library. LSE also houses some of the world's leading centres in academic research, and students here have many opportunities to attend high-profile seminars and talks. The fact that LSE is so international means that I not only experience what UK culture is like, but also get to know others with many different backgrounds and cultures.

After I graduate, I would like to further my studies at LSE in the MSc Economics, after which I intend to work in government as a professional economist.

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3rd year, BSc Econometrics and Economics