Giovanni Graglia

I chose LSE partly for the quality of the education I would receive, and partly with the idea of living in one of the world's 'pulsing hearts'. I come from a very small Italian town and before moving to London had been living for two years in the forests of Vancouver Island, 30 km away from the nearest city. Living in such a vibrant city has 'forced' me to grow up. LSE helped me to shape the person I now am through its countless public lectures and events, and the opportunity to meet people from the most diverse backgrounds. I love the fact that your learning process does not stop when you step out of your classroom here; you can have the most intense debates in the Quad or in the Fourth Floor Restaurant, and there is easy access to whatever you want - museums, theatres, libraries, markets, you name it...

I have also made the most of the opportunities to play sports at a very high level (I'm on the basketball first team) and to benefit from the Language Centre. I loved the breadth of the courses there and the capacity of the teachers to link themes of general and academic interest; the feeling of personal improvement I got at the end of the year by being admitted to the next course and the idea that your marks are not only determined by your language proficiency but also by your eagerness to work and participate in class.

Once I graduate, I plan to go into teaching. I believe that one of the chief aims of any kind of learning experience is to share one's acquired knowledge with others, and by deepening my historical knowledge I believe that LSE has considerably increased my potential as a teacher.

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A photo of Giovanni Graglia, an LSE student

Bra, Italy


3rd year BA History