Emily Jones

Social policy is so relevant to the social and political issues of everyday life.
As well as studying theory, it has a real focus on policy solutions and outcomes.
Studying this subject at LSE is particularly special due to the high quality lecturers
who are experts in their field yet remain approachable and supportive. Students on
the course share a passion for the subject and classes are often enlivened by debate
and enhanced by the diverse experiences and outlooks of LSE students.

LSE offers many opportunities for personal development – in particular I have enjoyed
taking part in the Widening Participation scheme and the LSE Groups project. With
widening participation I have worked at sessions to encourage disadvantaged pupils
to aspire to a university education and I have also mentored pupils on a one to one
basis. LSE Groups offered the opportunity to undertake a group research project
where the winning papers would be published. This helped develop my research,
presentation, communication and teamwork skills in a fun, group environment and
was one of my highlights at LSE so far.

I chose to study social policy as I feel it opens up a variety of career paths and it is
very difficult to know what you want to do so far in advance! During my time at LSE I
have developed a particular interest in working to promote educational opportunity
– I was inspired by working with Widening Participation and am greatly enjoying
studying a course on education policy. I hope to pursue this interest through a career
within the education sector.

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Emily Jones

Devon, England


BSc Social Policy