Emily Delahaye

After coming on the Open Day I was impressed by how the campus was right in the centre of London and by the facilities, such as the Library, the School could provide. I also liked LSE's global outlook which was something I found lacking in some of the other universities I visited.

I love the LSE history programme because it is so broad. In the second and third years you can pick from a really large number of options. The staff teaching those options know so much about their subject from their research and make lectures very interesting. The History Department is smaller than most so there is a nice sense of community, fostered by the friendly staff. The Department and the History Society organise social events as well intellectual debates which help your understanding of the subject. History gives me so much knowledge about the world today and is very relevant.

The things I like best about studying at LSE is that the diversity of the people here is very unique and this has broadened my understanding of the world outside of Britain. Moreover, the international reputation LSE has enables the School to attract interesting and powerful people to come to speak in its public lecture series.

LSE has given me a lot of confidence in myself. I was nervous about getting involved but now am on the committee for two societies and write when I can for the LSE newspaper, 'The Beaver'. I also feel more confident in classes as we are required to give regular presentations and are pushed to give ideas and justify them.

Please see International History

Emily Delahaye
Hadleigh, United Kingdom


2nd year, BA History