Catherine Rawsthorne

At LSE you’re taught by academics who are at the top of their field and
the research they produce is relevant to the “real world”. The small class sizes
mean that you can get into in-depth debates about the topics you’re covering and
with students from lots of different backgrounds and countries, there are always
people who disagree with you, which makes for better discussion. The teaching
at LSE has definitely made me more confident to assert my opinion and question
what I read. As a result, LSE has a great reputation with employers.

Outside the classroom, the LSE public lecture series draws in some amazing names
and I have heard some really inspirational people talk. The Library is also great
because they have loads of rare books, and if they don’t have a copy, they’ll find
one for you from another library.

I’ve been actively involved in RAG (Raising and Giving), taking part in the hitchhike
from Skegness to London, and I am President of the Northern Society, which
promotes Northern culture on campus. There is so much to do in London and LSE
is ideally located so you can walk to anywhere in central London really quickly!

After I graduate I’m hoping to do a law conversion course and work in commercial
law. The LSE Careers Service has been great at giving help and advice with
applications and runs workshops to help prepare students for assessment centres.
The Government Department has also put on talks about how to market the skills
we’ve developed over the course of our degree.

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Catherine Rawsthorne

Manchester, England


BSc Government