Cam-Van Bui

Hanoi, Vietnam

BSc Management (3rd year)

I will never forget my tenth birthday when my parents bought me Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne as my birthday gift. More than anything, the book opened up to me a new and exciting world outside the small neighbourhood where I grew up. From that day onwards, I have been dreaming of setting my foot down in Phileas Fogg's home town of London. 

At the age of sixteen, I had the chance  to revel in the liberal education system of Singapore, I dwelled in debates on everything from the Cold War, to the conflict between Indian and Pakistan. More than ever, I knew that I wanted to be intellectually challenged, and that I would look for a university that would supply such an intellectual community. The offer and scholarship from LSE for undergraduate study came as the greatest surprise. LSE has proved to me that financial difficulty is merely an obstacle for one to realize how much they want their dream to come true and how much effort they are willing to put in to figure out a way to overcome it.  

During my time at LSE, I have enjoyed exploring the world of business, management and a higher level of economics. I love all the discussions on the trade agreements with economic giants like China or the debates on the economic profitability of new bio-fuels; and weighing the pros and cons of the new emerging markets. I can see every idea that I have be questioned and analyzed so I can improve and think of a bigger, better one. 

The thriving multicultural nature of the school has enabled me to make friends from so many different backgrounds and nationalities, and that makes travelling much more enjoyable.