Ben Gershlick

The BSc Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method is an incredibly unique programme. It is specialised in that it is one of very few philosophy programmes which are analytic and practical. It deals with precise, logical issues in a systematic way. In short, it is real, current, and relevant philosophy - not outdated armchair philosophy. The logical and scientific element to it means that you are working out how things are, not just how you would like them to be, and looking at fundamental principles which underlie all subjects and subject areas.

The pedigree of the lectures is second to none - it is amazing to learn from leading-lights in the field. The diversity of the students means that every one has different educational and cultural backgrounds and frames of reference - and so it is a very interesting academic environment. If philosophy is about solving problems by looking at them uniquely then this diverse environment is inherently philosophical.

LSE has helped immensely with my personal development; firstly as there are so many opportunities to be involved with societies and departmental events, and secondly as being in the centre of London at university means that you are at university in the real world, which is incredibly rewarding in terms of personal development.

Although I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do in the future but it will almost certainly be something in politics either from within government or in a lobbying role. Although potentially further study in philosophy of science is an option, as I have enjoyed my degree so much.

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Ben Gershlick

Leicester, United Kingdom


3rd year, BSc Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method