Aya Al-Kadi

More important to me than LSE's reputation for being a world class institution, its incredible facilities, and academics that are among the best in the world, was the extent to which LSE celebrates and encourages diversity. Although I have lived in London, a hugely diverse city, all my life, never before have I been surrounded by such a wide and exotic range of languages, religions, and traditions. Attending LSE has been a cultural experience in itself. LSE has played a huge role in my personal development, emotionally, socially and of course academically. It has given me the opportunity to become friends with people from cultures and religions that I was not previously familiar with, to gather knowledge from fields and disciplines that I had never delved into before, but most importantly, it has allowed me to develop as a person, providing me with the skills and tools to succeed in all walks of life. I particularly enjoy my course at LSE as it has allowed me to develop a varied number of disciplines and skills. Although the core modules are focused on operational research and related subjects in later years, we are, throughout our degree, given the freedom and opportunity to widen our academic scope with outside options that reflect perspectives from fields such as law, economics, psychology, and many more. As yet I am still unsure what I would like to do after I graduate. I am sure however, that my time spent at LSE means that whatever I choose, the possibilities are endless.

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A photo of Aya Al-Kadi, an LSE student

Lebanese, living in London


2nd year BSc Management Science