Anna Katharina Baumann

One of the aspects I like most about my programme is that it allows for a great deal of flexibility. You can decide whether you would like to focus on one area in depth or rather gain a good overview of the discipline. The Sociology Department at LSE has a wide range of research areas and our lecturers are often the leading experts in their fields. I have found them to be amazingly approachable and ready to help. Another advantage of the programme is that it is quite small; this makes studying here a very personal experience.

LSE's reputation and its location in the middle of London were certainly two of the main reasons for me to come here. However, what also appealed to me was that LSE is a specialist institution and thus offers a much broader range of social science courses than you can find anywhere else. The campus is like a small international village in the middle of London and people here come from all over the world. Getting to live and study with them is an invaluable experience.

LSE also offers a lot outside of the academic programme. During my time here I especially took advantage of the numerous societies. They give a nice balance to the thriving academic environment and cover pretty much everything from knitting to boxing. I myself took Ju-jitsu classes, went to jazz jams and am now an active member of the debate society. I also pursued my interest in languages by taking up Spanish at the Language Centre.

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A photo of Anna Katharina Baumann, an LSE student

Hanover, Germany


3rd year, BSc Sociology