Alex Raymakers

I chose LSE because I wanted to be part of a world renowned, diverse university.
Indeed, LSE can best be described as the world meeting in three streets of London,
organised under the auspices of teaching and sharing. During my time here I have
met individuals from all over the world; this enabled me to widen my grasp on
different cultures and understand different ways of thinking. LSE offers a truly
unique university experience.

LSE has a great reputation when it comes to history and international relations and
without a doubt the programme lives up to expectations. The programme has an
extensive range of courses to choose from; it is well-structured, stimulating and
provides you with the opportunity of being taught by some of the brightest minds
in the field. But the programme’s true strength is the close proximity a student can
have with class teachers and lecturers. The academic staff that mentor you are brilliant
and always willing to help, leaving no student behind.

One of the greatest things about the School is that the whole world comes through
here. LSE offers a wide range of discussions and seminars that attract world leaders
in every field from heads of state, Nobel prize laureates to financial and business
leaders. At LSE you get to learn not only from academics but from men and women
who are at the top of their game and know exactly what is happening in their field.

For anyone, moving away from home and going to university is a life changing
experience. But LSE offers all that you need to settle in and develop yourself as an
independent individual. The LSE Students’ Union has a wide range of societies in a
number of domains such as drama, sports, charity and politics. I have participated in
a number of societies which has enabled me to have a never ending social life and
enabled me to participate in activities that are not only academic.

Please see International History