Adam Connell

LSE is the world's leading social science institution with a reputation that few other British universities can claim to have. I knew that if I studied here I would be interacting with people who are global leaders in their fields, which was a really exciting prospect.

I chose to study social policy because of its  relevance to the worlds of politics and economics. The theories, concepts and ideas, which I study in social policy influence the decisions taken daily by policymakers and politicians in governments across the world and have a massive impact upon people's lives. From healthcare and education to population change and even the economics of road congestion, social policy offers a fresh perspective on the things we take for granted.

There's always something going on to grab your interest at LSE. You can really immerse yourself in student life through student societies, watch lectures on subjects you didn't even know existed as part of the hugely popular public events programme, and experience the diversity of London's culture. There's just no excuse to be bored here!

Through being at LSE I've been able to take advantage of a huge range of opportunities that I wouldn't have had at other universities. During my time here I've been on a tour of the European Parliament in Brussels, worked in the House of Commons, and given LSE's international nature, been able to meet people from a huge variety of different backgrounds, which has really enhanced my experience here and given me an education in itself.

I graduate soon and I've been lucky enough to have been offered a place on a major company's graduate scheme. The job has nothing to do with my degree discipline, which just goes to show how valuable an LSE degree is whatever career path that you want to take.

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Adam Connell

Wokingham, United Kingdom


3rd year, BSc Social Policy with Government