Yvonne Maingey

I am enjoying every minute of being an LSE law student. I find that I am constantly challenged by my teachers to think out of the box and leave my comfort zone in order to realise my full potential. I love that I can attend a lecture that is given by the very same person who wrote the text books that are used all over the world.

It has always been my intention to get the best education possible so that when I return home to Kenya, I can be better equipped to serve my community and my country. This scholarship has enabled me to work towards achieving this.

It is difficult to describe how thankful I am to ICAP for enabling me to be a part of this great institution. This scholarship has afforded me the great opportunity of focusing on being the best student I can be, without having to worry about finances.

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A photo of Yvonne Maingey, an LSE student

ICAP Scholar, Kenya


3rd year, LLB Laws