Yiwen Li


My perfect day at LSE is as follows: attend a lecture by my favourite professor in the Economic History department; study on the second floor in the Library (plus check Facebook there!); have some Chinese food in the Brunch Bowl; go to my ballet class in Parish Hall and then listen to a public lecture! Maybe a little drink with friends before heading back home. I just love it! This one year programme has helped me to think like an economist, an historian, a globalist. It has also shaped my life goal: to become a global citizen. I get everything I want here; be it the famous professors, academic freedom, diverse social activities, or public debate about current hot political and economic issues. I am 'forced' to arrange my time more efficiently and distribute my resources more rationally – though you have access to everything here at LSE, there aren't enough hours in the day! LSE has taught me how to set priorities. The best thing about this year? That I got my dream job through a careers fair at LSE – once I graduate I will move to Los Angeles and work for one of the world's biggest investment management firms. It is a two year rotation programme for graduates – I will be working in six countries in two years. I can't think of anything more exciting than this.

Please see, MSc Global History

Aphoto of Yiwen Li, an LSE student

Wuhan, China


MSc Global History