Yang Zhou

Beijing, China

The MSc Public Management and Governance programme is multidisciplinary, using knowledge in various fields to interpret theories and practices of public management and governance, ranging from economics and management to sociology. It has given me a full, fresh and clear picture about the application of theories into policy analysis, evaluation and implementation, all of which aims to provide the tools and techniques to achieve economic efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector.

The teaching at LSE involves a large amount of participation from the students, which engages and motivates us through discussion, debate, presentation and teamwork.  Different and even conflicting arguments are presented and introduced to improve our critical thinking and build our own view.

Many of the students on my programme are from different countries, with varying backgrounds and experience. This allows us to discuss and observe opinions on current issues from multiple perspectives. Moreover, being in historical London, we are never far from multicultural arts, musicals and fashion.

I have felt a sense of belonging here, with easy access to support and advice on both academic and non-academic issues from classmates, academic advisers, teachers, the Student Services Centre and other School divisions.

There are many fantastic public events and lectures relating to social sciences and many speakers are prominent scholars, politicians or entrepreneurs from all over the world.  These public lectures help us develop a deeper insight into one specific topic and inspire us to know and explore more.  I have also had the opportunity to network with professionals and communicate with peers through the many student societies and sports events which provides a great platform.

Following the completion of MSc Public Management and Governance, I am interested in working in the public sector, eager to apply what I have learned at LSE.

Yang Zhou
MSc Public Management and Governance