Yanbin Zhuang

Beijing, China

LSE is very famous for its research achievements in social and economic studies which easily made it the first choice for me in my career as a civil servant dealing with administration for industry and commerce. This programme offers a balance between the management and technical themes that have an impact on the practice and theory of information systems, and most of the courses are extremely suitable for someone like me who wishes to become a "hybrid manager". It has provided me with a new way of thinking about the management of information systems, a further understanding of innovation and technology management, and also a different view of the consequences of IT. Studying at LSE has cultivated my research ability which I think was my weakness before I came here. It provided me with a critical way of thinking and the methods to develop an argument. All of this makes me more self-confident and will help me a lot in my future development. I would also like to mention my personal tutor and all the other friendly teachers in the IS group. Their effective guidance and sincere encouragement provided me with the strength and courage to get through the first several months of my study in LSE. I am a Chevening scholar, and after my degree I'll go back to China and continue my work in the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce. My position will be changed but I don't know exactly how at the moment – I know my organisation expects a lot of me and will make me shoulder more tasks. I'm really willing to apply what I have learned at LSE to improve the efficiency and transparency of administration for industry and commerce.

A photo of Yanbin Zhuang, an LSE student
MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems (ADMIS)