Tom McClean

Marrickville, NSW, Australia

I'm interested in politics in the broadest sense: what are the bases of power in our society, how are they negotiated, and how is power exercised? The Political Sociology course covers exactly this field, rigorously and in a lot of depth. It's a lot of work, but I'll come out knowing a lot more than I did, and with a much clearer idea how  to analyse and argue these sorts of questions.

I chose LSE for its reputation and focus on the social sciences. This focus makes it easy to delve right into individual subjects, while also ensuring a  coherent programme of study which matches your own interests, even if  the individual subjects come from different departments. It's a hot-house environment here: a little corner of London packed with people who are passionate about understanding human society or about sharing what they've already discovered. LSE's reputation internationally means that every class is full of intelligent, knowledgeable people with an incredible range of experience. I've learned at least as much from my fellow students as I have from the actual programme.

After my MSc, I want to do a doctorate at LSE in the same field. In the long  term, I'd like to work in academia and the public service, but I'm trying not to plan things too precisely yet. After all, the whole point of studying is to open up new possibilities.

Please see, MSc Political Sociology