Tero Konttinen

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The programme contains a broad ambitious agenda to prepare students for the rigours of real estate profession all in a one-year masters programme. With students from around the world, one can learn about real estate practices from all corners of the globe. 

Living in one of the world's great cities is one of the advantages of being at LSE. This and the school's highly regarded reputation in economics led me to choose the School.  For my particular programme, it has given me the opportunity to be part of one of the most active property markets in the world and to have access to indispensable resources in the professional field.  

Also, it caters to almost any interest one may have, whether it be recreational or cultural pursuits. There is always something to do through LSESU or in the community with the interesting and diverse friends that you meet along the way. 

LSE and the real estate programme has allowed me to focus on my own personal development – pushed my intellectual boundaries to learn something that I had not previously experienced. The education at LSE will hopefully provide the basis in which I hope to link economics with property development and land use planning in some form, whether it be in professional practice or further academic pursuits. Additionally, the experience of being at LSE has expanded my horizons how to think about issues – not only with regard to my own professional programme but also the larger world picture.


A photo of Tero Konttinen, an LSE student
MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance