Teis Hansen

I was attracted to LSE by its reputation, and then of course the fact that the programme suited my interests. The programme covers a lot of different aspects of regional/urban geography, and one of its great strengths is the way London is used as a case. Most of the subjects discussed in class can be related to the world right outside the classroom. The teaching is of very high quality, and I love the fact that the social life within the programme is very good. Living in London is great but for me the most important thing is that LSE is such an international university. Almost everybody comes from abroad and that has two positive consequences. Firstly, people have many different experiences which they can contribute to the teaching; and secondly you don't feel like you are a foreigner – because everybody is that, and people are very open towards you. The variety of activities which are not directly related to study is impressive. I'm thinking of the societies, the Careers Service, the Language Centre and especially all the public lectures, which have been very interesting to follow. Once I leave LSE, I will be working as an analyst in a consulting firm in Copenhagen, working within the field of regional policy and local economic development.

Please see, MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies