Taught graduate student profiles

MSc Accounting and Finance

MSc Management, Information, Systems and Digital Innovation (MISDI) (formerly known as Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems)

MSc Applicable Mathematics

MSc China in Comparative Perspective

MSc City Design and Social Science

MSc Comparative Politics

MSc Development Studies

MSc Economic History

MSc Economics

MSc Economics and Philosophy

MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation

MSc Environment and Development

MSc EU Politics

MSc European Political Economy

MSc Finance

MSc Finance and Economics

MSc Finance and Private Equity

MSc Gender, Development and Globalisation

MSc Gender, Media and Culture

MSc Global Media and Communications

MSc History of International Relations

MSc International Political Economy

MSc International Relations

MSc Law and Accounting


MSc Management

MSc Management and Strategy

MSc Media and Communications

MSc Organisational and Social Psychology

MSc Philosophy and Public Policy

MSc Philosophy of the Social Sciences

MSc Philosophy of Science

MSc Political Economy of Europe

MSc Politics and Communication

MSc Political Sociology

MPA Public and Economic Policy

MSc Public Management and Governance

MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance

MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies

MSc Risk and Stochastics

MSc Social and Cultural Psychology

MSc Social Policy and Development

MSc Social Research Methods