Tarek El Merhebi

Akkar Lebanon

MSc Law and Accounting

Being accepted to study at LSE, one of the top ten law schools in the world was a unique opportunity that was not to be missed. My amazing experience started at a gathering in Beirut organized by the British Embassy, where I met other Chevening scholars. I realised that the best and most important aspect of my scholarship wasn’t my studies or my achievements, but being part of something that is made up of extremely talented and exceptional individuals.

Living in London is an amazing experience in itself as it is one of the most diverse and dynamic cities in the world. It becomes even better when you are a part of a group of brilliant international students with whom you can share your different cultures and experiences – people who normally you may never have a chance to interact with. One of my favourite memories was when my American/Lebanese friend hosted a Thanksgiving dinner at her place. There were five different nationalities around the table and at one point we suddenly realised that not one of us knew what Thanksgiving was really about! It was hard to contain the ensuing laughter.

From an academic point of view, LSE is very well known for its excellence and the law and accounting courses offer extremely solid foundations for people who could eventually see themselves doing a mixture of legal and business work. This specialised hybrid profession promises a secure future as demand for it is increasing exponentially among big multi-disciplinary practice firms.

So, besides offering you the chance to experience another culture, perfect your language skills and gain an internationally recognised qualification, studying at LSE will be a once in a lifetime experience that will shape the way you think and expand your horizons in ways you can’t even imagine.