Sunaina Bhatnagar

Jaipur, India

This two year dual degree programme in collaboration with University of Southern California gives me exposure to two of the media capitals of the world, London and Los Angeles. LSE is one of the best social science institutes in the world and has one of the most diverse student bodies, so apart from a quality education I have also been able to interact with people from all across the world, and in London, too! All these things made LSE pretty irresistible. 

I really appreciate the chance to interact with like-minded students from across the world. The exposure helps  you  learn a lot about yourself and a lot about the world around you that you would probably not know through books or TV. It's great! I've learnt a lot more about myself, become clearer on my goals and career objectives. Since most of the work centres around self study, LSE forces a lot of introspection about what you want to do and gives you the freedom to follow and study your area of interest. 

I intend to work in the television industry after I graduate.


A photo of Sunaina Bhatnagar, an LSE student
MSc Global Media and Communications