Stefan Padberg


After finishing my first master's degree in business administration and starting my first full-time job after university I was very interested to broaden my knowledge and complement my business administration knowledge with studying finance. Choosing this particular programme at LSE was then due to the perfectly tailored content, in regard to my needs, and the world class reputation of LSE, providing the opportunity to learn from world-class teachers and lecturers. The teachers are highly capable of transferring their cutting edge know how and there is great balance between theory and practical application (eg case studies) of the topics we cover. The programme has great practical usefulness and attracts a broad and very interesting variety of people. Through my studies I have developed in different areas: in the knowledge I gained in corporate finance and asset markets; enhanced career opportunities and the opportunity to learn from and meet so many great people. I have also had the opportunity to start something called "LSE Round Table Forum", which was great fun, and have been challenged to manage my time and prioritise in a way never faced before, as I had to combine a full-time job, and very interesting but also time demanding studies, besides some social life! Once I complete my studies, I am looking forward to developing into the field of corporate finance and applied financial valuation.

Please see, MSc Finance (part-time)

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Willich, Germany


MSc Finance (part-time)