Shan Shan Xiang

Hunan, China

Apart from the world known reputation of LSE, the ADMIS programme has the highest rank in the United Kingdom, and also enables its graduates to stay and work in the UK for up to a year after they graduate under the SEGS scheme. It is therefore indeed an excellent and exceptional choice for international candidates like me who would like to participate in the UK financial industry for my future career. LSE is located in the central of London, and it is very convenient for both my day-to-day and academic life. As a foreign student, I feel everyone is treated and respected the same at LSE since the majority of LSE students are from abroad. One of the greatest things about LSE is the public lectures held every week that are available to all LSE students and staff. Here at LSE you might meet famous people such as the Indian and German Financial Ministers, the Head of The Bank of England, the Vice President of the Government of China and so on, and listen to their speeches. Another great thing is the facilities that are provided by the Information Systems Group; we have world-leading professors from different fields to teach us, we have the best electronic facilities to support our day-to-day study, and staff are always very keen to help with any problems. The diversity of cultures at LSE has helped me to develop my interpersonal and team working skills by working with people from different cultures and backgrounds. For my future career, I am interested to work in any area of a financial institution with particular focus on investment banking.

A photo of Shan Shan Xiang, an LSE student
MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems (ADMIS)