Rhonda De Freitas

New York, USA

I chose LSE's MSc in EPPR for two reasons:

  1. From an academic background in the natural sciences, I went into a working environment where I dealt with policy issues but had no practical means of adapting my 'technical' knowledge to issues of corporate, national or international policy and governance.  The format of the MSc programme seemed to have the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge that would equip me to deal with 'real world' issues. 
  2. The success or failure of many environmental policies hinge on how those policies will impact trade, development and national economies.  With the ability of many multi-national companies to influence the adoption of international policies by national governments, I felt it essential to gain a fundamental knowledge of the actual and perceived environmental barriers to economic development and vice versa. 

With its research facilities and the ease of access to information -  provided both by LSE and by the school's location in the centre of the city and its convenient proximity to other institutions and libraries, LSE seemed the appropriate place to achieve this. 

My time at LSE has made me more aware of the importance of study skills and the need for discipline, and provided me with a better understanding of the need for balance in all aspects of my life. After LSE I plan to work with a NGO focused on developing environmental policy and putting that policy to practical use, particularly in developing areas of the world.


A photo of Rhonda De Freitas, an LSE student
MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation