Raminder Ruprai

I was already at LSE on an undergraduate course (BSc Mathematics and Economics) and wanted to stay on as the postgraduate course was perfect for expanding my maths knowledge. This degree is fairly new but the Maths Department are great at making studying a lot easier and fun. 

The course is an excellent challenge for me and the many different module options makes each person's degree unique. Everyone is trying to do well which makes for a competitive and stimulating atmosphere. The professors are experts in their field and always more than willing to share their knowledge. Perfect for a postgraduate programme. The Maths department at LSE has helped me learn the techniques for research and given me the opportunity to enhance/ practise my ability to give technical presentations. 

After LSE, I am planning on doing a PhD in the Mathematics of Cryptography at Royal Holloway University of London and this MSc has put me on a good footing for that.

Please see, MSc Applicable Mathematics