Prerna Suri

I was at a point in my career where I wanted to utilise my experience in the media with my academic interest in gender studies. After carefully researching such programmes, the MSc in Gender and the Media at LSE attracted me particularly for its wide range of theoretical components and interdisciplinary nature. This exciting combination of theory from a wide range of disciplines has been one of the most attractive components of my degree. 

The school's excellent reputation for the programme further contributed to my decision to come to LSE. London is the most exciting place for research, and the faculty members at LSE are the best in their field. 

Interacting with students from diverse backgrounds and, more significantly, learning from and sharing each other's experiences has been one of the best features of studying at LSE. The manner in which faculty are able to encourage and push you for your research interests is excellent, and the facilities afforded to students are by far the best I have experienced. Being in Central London also allows one to be in contact with the best in the field and I have greatly benefited from meeting a range of interesting people from my field of interest. 

After the completion of my degree, I would like to work for a media organisation, particularly working on women's issues in the developing world. Documentary film making is another option which I'm considering at the moment.

Please see, MSc Gender and the Media