Preeyesh Bhadresha

MSc Applicable Mathematics

London, UK

I had already studied at LSE for three years – I was on the BSc Mathematics and Economics degree. In my opinion, the facilities, quality of teaching and overall atmosphere were excellent. Therefore I knew that LSE was the best place for my postgraduate study.

I love the compactness of LSE – you are bound to bump into someone you know wherever you are in the campus. There is always that sense of togetherness which, with the great facilities, makes studying far more enjoyable. On top of this everyone is very approachable, meaning it is easy to resolves issues whether they be work-related or personal.

I like the variety of topics I came across within the degree. For example, discrete maths, algorithms, game theory, probability and cryptography all made the degree very interesting for me. I also like the fact that I am coming away with skills that I can apply in real life situations. For example, I now have some basic knowledge of Java which will help me when I come across programming languages in my career. The dissertation also allowed me to develop various project-related skills which I will undoubtedly need in the future.

Being a student representative on the Student Staff Liaison Committee for the Mathematics Department helped me to develop my interpersonal skills as I was relaying information to both students and staff about various issues. It also helped me to become more confident and I feel I am more approachable as a person. In addition, I took part in the Student Tutor Scheme which involves becoming a teaching assistant at a secondary school. I fully recommend it to anyone. It was one of the best experiences in my life – so much so that I now want to become a teacher at some point in the distant future.

My plan once I graduate is to work in the area of finance, however I am currently not sure which specific division I would be best suited to. I hope to build my knowledge of the industry via experience and then make the crucial decisions that will determine my career path in finance. 

Preeyesh Bhadresha