Nina Peacock

I chose LSE for its status as an internationally recognised university and for its one-year graduate programme, as opposed to the US two-year MA system. The MSc in European Political Economy was an ideal progression from my undergraduate studies, which focused on international relations, economics, and the European Union. Additionally, LSE's location in the UK, which is typically seen as a bridge between US and European relations, made it a compelling place to pursue European studies. I love studying at LSE because of its cosmopolitan campus and the diversity of its student body. I celebrated Diwali with the students from India. I celebrated Chinese New Year with the students from China. I danced to salsa music with the students from Mexico. LSE not only lets you meet people from all over the world, but with its active societies, you can also experience other cultures first-hand. During my time at LSE, I also became an athlete for the first time ever. Joining the LSE Running Society and competing in relay races and joining the LSE Climbing Society and practicing at the rock gym challenged me to see myself in a new way. Getting involved in LSE's student life and sports societies has had a healthy impact on my life, because not only will I walk away from LSE with an MSc degree, but I will also have a new concept of myself as an athlete. Pursuing this MSc made me realize that I would love to become an academic, hence I will pursue a PhD. Before beginning a PhD program, however, I will work for at least a year in the policy field, whether in government or a think tank or both. My 20-year plan is to be a "revolving door" academic that goes in and out of policy-making and academia.

Please see, MSc European Political Economy