Nina Lange

I wanted to study in London, because it is one of the world's financial capitals. LSE has by far the best reputation and the Risk & Stochastics programme sounded attractive. I like that the MSc is a 'programme' – everything is connected and we get a wide knowledge about different aspects of finance and their connection to insurance. I also enjoy the theoretical approach to finance that the Statistics department gives. 

In my programme I feel that the teachers genuinely respect, know and care about their students. I like being exposed to a lot of new knowledge from being taught by experts and from seminars with external speakers. I also enjoy talking and studying with class mates. 

Being at LSE has helped me choose a career path: In making the decision, I benefited from talking to teachers and received guidance and support from them. In addition I have made academic contacts, which is useful if I decide to stay in academia after a PhD. When I graduate, I will first finish studies in my home country and then I will pursue a PhD. The career of my dream would probably be a combination of teaching and working in the industry - but I have a few more years to decide on that.

Please see, MSc Risk and Stochastics