Madge Mwangi

Unlike other IT courses, ADMIS focuses on people as opposed to technology and now when I think about it, technology is usually not the problem: its interaction with people is, and that is every IS manager's headache today. 

I wanted to join an institution with a worldwide academic reputation for excellence and I started looking around for a good university. I was fascinated with the enthusiasm with which my friend, an LSE alumnus, spoke of LSE and that helped me decide to join LSE. With LSE's diversity, I now appreciate many different cultures and feel I have become truly international. 

LSE has the world's largest social science library. Study materials are available online and I can access them from the comfort of my residence. LSE has broadened my thinking and developed my analytical skills. I am now more confident because of the interactive nature of the course. I have learnt to question the norm and most importantly, it is my stepping stone to an international career in Information Systems. In addition, LSE gave me a full scholarship. It's been like a paid holiday in Britain! 

I am considering a career in Information Systems advisory or consulting in one of the global firms. With LSE on my CV, I know I stand a great chance, judging by the number of head hunters already approaching me.

Please see, MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems (ADMIS)