Lorenzo Moruzzi

The best thing about this programme is how it has allowed me to expand on some of the things I only touched on in my undergraduate studies, and to pursue an area of great interest with my dissertation. 

When going to study economics you think of LSE because of its reputation and the quality of its academic staff, but what swayed my decision was the prospect of studying in the heart of such a fantastic city and the diversity of the people I would meet. Being in the centre of London means there is always something to do and certainly no time to get bored. I have had the chance to meet some of the leaders in the field of economics and politics thanks to the excellent programme of speakers at the university, and it has been wonderful to get a flavour of what London has to offer whilst I have been here. 

The Careers Service at LSE has given me a lot of help in sorting out my future. I will be starting work at ABN AMRO in September working in asset management, a career path I chose with the help of the LSE Careers Service.

Please see, MSc Economics