Lesley Henry

Toronto, Canada

Having studied commerce as an undergraduate, I feel that my programme of study at LSE is an appropriate fit with my overall career goals, and will equip me with the tools to effectively blend the disciplines of commerce and employment relations. The programme allows for considerable flexibility with respect to course selection, which I consider to be a real plus. This lets students tailor their degree, and choose those courses that relate to his or her specific area of interest. 

My decision to choose a programme at LSE was informed by the high calibre of the academic staff, the school's international reputation for excellence and the opportunity to live in London.  Further, LSE provides many opportunities to participate in clubs and teams both within the LSE community as well as those in the London area at large. LSE also facilitates frequent speakers, visits and discussions led by world leaders and academics. These are all truly wonderful opportunities. 

One of the greatest features of studying at LSE is the internationally diverse study body. This is especially beneficial while studying International Employment Relations, learning with and from people from all over the world. This presents a unique learning opportunity. LSE has provided me with the opportunity to live abroad and to develop contacts and friendships with people from all over the world. This experience has taken my education from a national level within Canada, to an international level, and for that I am grateful.


A photo of Lesley Henry, an LSE student
MSc International Employment Relations and Human Resources Management