Leonard Baatiema

Lawra, Ghana

The MSc Health, Community and Development at LSE has narrowed my focus and helped me identify public health as a career to pursue. The programme has a great balance between theoretical and philosophical concepts, whilst also practically demonstrating how to relate these understandings to real world situations.

There were a wide variety of students of different backgrounds on the programme, which enriched our discussions and learning. I chose LSE not only because of its solid academic and research record, but also the culturally diverse staff and student population.

There is excellent support by staff for the academic and personal needs of LSE students, as well as a variety of student friendly facilities which provide easy access to study and research materials.

In the future I hope to pursue a higher research degree in public health, which would equip me with greater skills and knowledge. This would allow me to provide state of the art consultancy to private and public health institutions in Ghana, and other low income countries.

Leonard Baatiema
MSc Health, Community and Development