Leo Chi-Chung Ng

Hong Kong

The MSc Economics programme is a well-structured programme and is in one of the best economics departments in the world. The level of teaching and research is excellent, with many of the professors having previously studied economics at world-class institutions. The teaching is diverse, as each of the lecturers specialise in their own research areas, which allows many in-depth academic discussions. We were also very honoured to have had this year's Nobel laureate teach us in one of the core courses.

There are a lot of resources which are accessible for economics students. Students admitted to the programme are all from top universities around the globe and have a very strong academic, as well as professional, background. This facilitates the exchange of different cultures and views and offers us opportunities for discussion.

LSE is famous for organising many public lectures delivered by well-known figures from a broad spectrum of areas in social sciences such as economics, politics, international relations etc. As an economic student, I feel privileged not only for being taught by the professors of LSE but also for having the opportunities to listen to views and comments of many great people around the world on current issues.   

I am interested in macroeconomic research and am looking for opportunities in this area. I also hope to get involved in public policy analysis in the future so as to contribute to Hong Kong by using what I learnt at LSE.