Lauge Skovgaard

Copenhagen, Denmark

This is a highly demanding programme with regards to the quantity and quality of expected work on behalf of the students. This has meant very hard work, but with a very high payoff. The department has close interaction with outside practitioners and institutions in the field, which has linked our studies to practical experience during the course of the year. Interacting with brilliant students from a wide range of backgrounds, outreaching and original researchers as well as top external practitioners has made the year a great experience. 

There is no doubt that the school's name, and in particular my programme's high standard, opens many doors in the private and public sector – at the national as well as international level. However, my time at LSE has made me want to continue within academia some years to come. I have become particularly interested in regional trade and investment agreements during my coursework, not least because of research done at LSE. I therefore hope to do a PhD within this field in the near future. 



A photo of Lauge Skovgaard, an LSE student
MSc International Political Economy