Kate Parsley

London, UK

The best thing about studying at LSE has been interacting with the student body. The diversity of backgrounds within the HCD class alone has empowered me to re-think many of my options and I have engaged in some stimulating debates in social situations. Making contacts in Lebanon, Canada, India, Pakistan, the USA and Nigeria has widened my scope in terms of career choices. I feel I've gained a greater understanding of how health inequalities and policy are diverse between nations, but also that similarities are rife. 

I was encouraged to note that the majority of my fellow students on the HCD course also had a couple of years' work experience and many from similar angles to my own. Learning about HIV policy in India for example gave me a wider understanding having previously understood the epidemic from a sub-Saharan African perspective. Political participation had previously intrigued me, yet from interactions with a fellow student, I feel empowered to engage in issues that affect me. Meeting people is an enjoyable experience for me and the university has enabled me to make friendships that I know I will keep in the future.


A photo of Kate Parsley, an LSE student
MSc Health, Community and Development