Kate Lovell

Ipswich Massachusetts, USA

The MSc in Media and Communications has provided me with an excellent overview of theory and research methods in the increasingly important field of media studies.  I love how the programme combines a variety of disciplines within the social sciences to form a coherent and all encompassing view of the complexity of the media.  

As someone greatly interested in pursuing an international career, I made it a priority to choose an institution in a city sensitive to global perspectives where I could feel the value of my French, Italian, and now Spanish (thanks to the LSE Language Centre) skills.  Many of my undergraduate classmates who opted to study at LSE during their junior year abroad raved about their experience and strongly supported my decision to pursue a postgraduate degree here. The international perspectives I am able to gain in my lectures and seminars from my diverse peers, professors and from the cosmopolitan environment of London with its proximity to neighbouring European countries has by far been the most rewarding aspect of my year at the LSE. 

I have gained tremendous insight into the kind of career I would like to pursue combining my previous professional experience and now strong theoretical background.  Through a methodology assignment, I gained work experience at a local television production company, which has been invaluable. I will come out of this experience with newly discovered passions, perspectives and confidence.


A photo of Kate Lovell, an LSE student
MSc Media and Communications