Kartik Jhanji

Jalandhar, India

After working with Hewitt Associates (an HR Consultancy), I wanted to pursue a degree which would not only provide sound and fundamental knowledge of management but also give international exposure. The diversity of students and the case study based teaching attracted me the most.

I have had many interesting and diverse opportunities whilst studying at LSE such as being able to give a presentation to the UK Managing Director of Deutsche Bank. Whilst studying the MSc in Management and Strategy we completed case studies on organisations such as Akzo Nobel, American Airlines, Tesco and BMW and were advised by the strategy directors and other top management from these companies.

The programme consisted of informative lectures and seminars; lectures provided an academic base, whilst seminars focused mainly on applying this knowledge to a real world case study. We always worked in teams which gave me an opportunity to interact and learn from my peers.

The societies at LSE are very pro-active. I was the vice president of Spice-India society and interacted with some of the top business leaders and politicians from India (eg Mukesh Ambani, Shashi Tharoor). I also played a cricket match as the captain of the Indian team at Lords. I don't think I would have been able to do any of this had I not come to LSE. In this one year, I learned the most and experienced one of the best years of my life.

Kartik Jhanji
MSc in Management and Strategy