John Li

ShenZhen, China

Social theories and modern technology's 'soft' side fascinate me. The initial emphasis of the MSc ADMIS programme, which builds a strong conceptual foundation, is particularly intriguing. The MSc programme also provides me with practical guidance on how to put my ideas to work: I have learnt to give independent and objective policy advice to governments and businesses on ICT strategic planning and operational efficiency. The MSc ADMIS course offers me a wonderful opportunity to go beyond the ordinary Information Engineering path. With this advanced education, I will be able to appreciate better an organisation's needs, helping develop the technology necessary to ensure efficient and effective functioning. I also benefit greatly from the programme's diversity, both inside and outside the classroom, as it covers most areas of Information Systems, and its teaching is closely linked to new research in the field. In addition, my classmates' wide-ranging backgrounds prior to the course and their unique social science-oriented experience are invaluable elements of the MSc programme and open up new avenues of thought for me. After the MSc I would like to pursue my academic study of society and technology to an even greater depth by becoming a Research Associate or a PhD student in Information Systems. Eventually I intend to use this academic experience in my work on technology policy.

A photo of John Li, an LSE student

MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems