Edward Wang

Dalian, China

There are so many good things about studying at LSE, but I especially like the LSE Public Lectures and Events. LSE is such a great school with a high reputation in central London that it attracts many scholars and celebrities to give speeches almost every day. Thoughts and ideas clash and syncretise at the same time at LSE, which is unparalleled elsewhere. I particularly like the way the MSc ADMIS brings together subjects ranging from business management, software design and system security to social policy, development studies and socio-economics in one programme. It has helped me to generate a new perspective of seeing the world in the age of information and globalisation. I chose LSE because of its reputation, the best quality its academic staff offers, the fact that it is home to a high proportion of international students and finally the highly tolerant academic environment which fosters innovation and creative ideas. Teachers in my department and students from all parts of the world whom I have met at LSE have greatly influenced and helped me in setting my personal development path. It is only in this small but dynamic institution that people are brought closer to each other. It is only in this social science school that provides such a platform that fosters new ideas and thoughts. Studying at LSE has made me reflect upon myself, and I am thus more confident and determined in whatever I will be doing in the future.

A photo of Edward Yang, an LSE student
MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems (ADMIS)