Dima Issa

Beirut, Lebanon

LSE does not lead you through Media and Communications by an obvious path. Against a backdrop of dense theory, LSE integrates media with the social, political and personal, to the extent where everything becomes interesting and where everything becomes a potential topic for a dissertation. The education at LSE is unsurpassed, it is independent, not spoon fed; it is carefully calculated, not spontaneous; and it is rewarding, not forgotten.

LSE has the reputation of being one of the best schools for media and communication in the United Kingdom. Combining the opportunity of studying for a year in London with a year in Los Angeles, as part of the MSc Global Media and Communications programme made the decision making process much easier.

London is a magical city, making it an ideal place to form friendships and bond over its offerings. Whether you are studying for exams in private rooms, working on papers in its cafes, watching plays in its theatres or eating in one its delicious restaurants, London is the perfect place to be experienced alone or with friends.

After six years of working, following my undergraduate degree, a master's programme at LSE was extremely daunting. My first semester was unbelievably challenging. I had forgotten how to write papers, to study and to sift important information from the trivial. But after a lot of hard work and support, I was able to succeed. LSE gave me the opportunity to challenge myself in ways I never thought possible.

Dima Issa
MSc Global Media and Communications