Dia Flores

Los Angeles, USA

Studying a master's degree at LSE certainly prepared me for future study at MPhil/PhD level. The School gave me the ideal tools necessary to pursue further research in my field. By reading for a taught master's course in LSE's Anthropology Department, I learnt how to assess issues in the discipline by constantly questioning accepted academic theories and methodologies and imbuing them with my own relevant and well-positioned arguments.

Studying at LSE taught me to critically evaluate topics and methodologies not only in the anthropological realm, but also in related social science disciplines such as economics, international relations, international  development, and comparative politics. Studying with like-minded individuals permitted me to think beyond an issue and search for multiple solutions to a given problem. Settling for just one answer was never an option and I learnt how to become an independent thinker by participating in class discussions and tutorials. I thrived as a student by crafting creative and solid arguments for multiple writing assignments and assessments. 

Indeed LSE permitted me to grow and flourish academically by encouraging me to pursue my own research interests whilst enrolled as a master's student. The School provided me with essential guidance in my master's programme so that I can take what I learnt in my courses and apply it towards my research interests and academic goals. All the preparation I obtained at the School have been used as transferrable skills in my current research degree programme at the MPhil/PhD level. Such skills will also prove useful in my future career as an academic and consultant. My time at LSE has proved an invaluable experience and will stay with me for a lifetime. 

Dia Flores
MSc China in Comparative Perspective