Claire Waghorn

Nelson, New Zealand

LSE's reputation as one of, if not the top institution to study international relations is what attracted me. My previous professors had told me to aim high and recommended LSE not only as the top academic institution, but also the most highly sought after when it comes to applying for jobs. The incredible diversity of my classmates and the intense discourse that results from such different backgrounds and standpoints is a definite highlight. Furthermore, being taught by leading world specialists who live and breathe their subjects is really inspiring. Because of this it is easy to get caught up in the subject and feel like you're involved in a place where world changes are being influenced. LSE is an institution that genuinely influences world politics. You can see this through past alumni, through the respected speakers that visit, the top academics and even the Students' Union meetings. LSE has opened my eyes to many more cultures than I had ever previously experienced and that has really affected me in a positive way. I had thought I had a reasonably good world awareness but it turns out I was really quite sheltered! Some of my classmates have shared with me their extraordinary and moving backgrounds, worlds apart from my own, and I consider that really invaluable. After I graduate, my plan is to work for an international organisation in an environment not unlike that I have been afforded at LSE. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NZ, is an option I am looking into as well as the United Nations.

A photo of Claire Waghorn, an LSE student

MSc International Relations