Chris Tennant

Social Research Methods provides an excellent foundation for future research activity: some of the techniques that I will have to master for effective research are not exciting in themselves, so it is much better to learn the basic principles as part of a group than slogging away in the dark on my own half way in to a doctoral programme! The programme provides a good balance between 'Method' and actual content, enabling me to start initial research in my chosen field. Overall, an excellent 'pre-doc' programme. 

I had a number of reasons for choosing LSE – good ratings for this programme; convenience – this is my home town; parallel research interests amongst the faculty to my intended area of study. Something I like about my programme (apart from the consistently excellent teaching) is that LSE encourages graduate students to fend for themselves while at the same time providing a fair level of support when needed. After my MSc I intend to pursue doctoral studies.

A photo of Chris Tennant, an LSE student
MSc Social Research Methods