Chelsey Ansell

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Without question, the best part of my experience at LSE has been the people I have met. At any one time, I am sitting at a table with students from Pakistan, France, England, China, Canada, India and many other countries. Working with students from such diverse backgrounds has enriched my experience at LSE and I know that I have made lifelong friends no matter where in the world our careers take us. 

LSE has challenged me both mentally and socially. Attending lectures by well-known business professionals has enabled me to apply their advice to my own life and learn from their experiences. Being in classes with some of the brightest minds from all over the world motivated and stimulated me and I have accomplished things that, nine months ago, I never knew were possible. I now more clearly understand my specific skills, abilities and interests. The opportunity to read articles written by LSE professors who helped shape accounting standards research and other topical subjects in finance, and the chance to then ask them questions in person, is what makes LSE a unique and stimulating place to study.

A photo of Chelsey Ansell, an LSE student
MSc Accounting and Finance