Charles Abdul-Wahab

LSE is not for the faint hearted! Being at LSE is a demanding task, both on a social and academic level. The rich student life is very appealing, and one cannot prevent oneself from engaging in the activities, lectures and events. One learns to balance a very rich social life with the highest level of academic achievements, which consequently requires a lot of hard work. The LSE experience is "study hard and party hard". Coming from a computer science background, and having a highly specialised undergraduate degree, I wanted to diversify my education. The Information Systems Group at LSE appealed to me because most of its faculty came from a similar background to mine, and the ADMIS programme offers an advanced degree in science with elements of management and social science. Joining the IS Group gave me a different view of technology in the sense that it gave me a broader understanding of the social implications of the Information Technology field I had thought of as only a rigorous scientific discipline.


A photo of Charles Abdul-Wahab, an LSE student
MSc Analysis, Design and Management of Information Systems