Bukola Oluwa

Ibadan, Nigeria

I graduated from the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. When considering my options for a postgraduate programme, I needed a school that transcended the pages of its prospectus and that would challenge me academically as well as giving me the opportunity to be socially active. LSE is filled with an array of lecturers with sound academic and research backgrounds; you are taught by experts of repute who are consultants to international and multinational bodies. They are names you read in textbooks and journals worldwide. Each day in the class is different; apart from the seminar approach, live practitioners from different areas give you first hand information and practical experience of the field. My classmates are from all over the world – it is a 'mixed grill' of intellectual minds! Active participation of each student gives insight into beliefs from different parts of the world and you do not need to travel there to get information about a country's situation. The facilities provided are astounding; I have never come across such in all my academic years before and after my sojourn at LSE. You are given a personal tutor that monitors your development and provides academic and personal support. The courtesy you get from each member of staff makes you feel like the executive president of a country. Despite these lofty achievements of LSE, financing your education is not an obstacle because the School has various financial provisions for students from different regions and backgrounds. At the completion of my studies, I have realised that I did not go to a school but I have attended an institution.

A photo of Bukola Oluwa, an LSE student