Brooke Summers

New Milford, Connecticut, USA

The media – books, television, the internet and radio – is increasingly setting the agenda in political, social and economic realms. Faculty and students at LSE are aware of this and actively try to understand - through seminars, essays and dissertations – the consequences of this phenomenon. 

LSE has one of the best groupings of media and communications faculty in the world, and I also love my fellow students!  I've made so many wonderful friends in such a short time; creative, interesting, brilliant men and women from all over the place who are clearly going to be our generation's 'movers and shakers' when they graduate.  I know I'm creating a vital network of future leaders. 

My activities at LSE, which include everything from co-hosting a radio show on US and UK politics on puLSE FM to representing my fellow post-grads on my department's Student-Staff Liaison Committee, has given me a renewed sense of intellectual confidence.  LSE challenges you to critically think about the world, creating a foundation which allows you to make the change you want to see. Upon graduating, I'll begin my career as a US Foreign Service officer, representing my country abroad and working at American embassies all over the world.


A photo of Brooke Summers, an LSE student
MSc Global Media and Communications