Ana Paula Fernandes Jubran

Sao Paulo, Brazil

I chose to study at LSE because it is one of the top ranked institutions in economics and political science. What pleased me most about studying at LSE is the diversity of the students: the MPA programme has students from a broad range of nationalities with different backgrounds and varied work experience. Being at LSE means exchanging experiences with students from around the entire world. After a theoretical class or lecture, you then have the opportunity to discuss the application of the theories to a broad range of countries and regions. 

I also really valued the combination of courses (economics, econometrics, and political economy), as it provides students with an overview of other subjects related to public administration. 

LSE helped me with several aspects of my personal development. It offers extra-curricular activities such as Excel training, presentation skills training and life coaching. Additionally, as vice-president of the MPA student association, I experienced working with a team of brilliant people from different nationalities and professional backgrounds, which was extremely enriching. 

MPA Public & Economic Policy